We are not in this world to be ordinary. Are we?

We want to dream big. To make a difference. Inspire. Light up the rooms we enter.

We want to make other people’s eyes shine. Like our eyes does.

I am K.

I’m an artist and my mission in life is to create energy and happiness.

And awesome artworks, of course.

I could have focused on the dark side – but I choose not to.

I tell you this because

In addition to my works of art I have an abundance of creativity and weird reflections,

things that make me happy, things that might inspire you and make you happy.

And I LOVE that you are here.

Because I want to share this with someone. Like you.


we really CAN make a difference

Because – know what – happiness is contagious

(it actually spreads like the flu according to some professors who did a 20 year study on the topic).

so we should all be concerned with whom we hang out with.



I am K. You are K.

This is what I’ll share with you:

The love of art.

Maybe you already love art like I do. Or you are curiously approaching this new and strange world, to learn, to get inspired, to explore. You’re welcome! I’ll let you into my world of art so you can start filling YOUR world with magic, too.


Both in real life an in this virtual environment. I´ll let you know when I exhibit, and where we can meet. And I’ll open the doors to my world here at www.IamK.com and guide you on virtual exhibitions so you can wander into this landscape and participate via your computer or smartphone.

A glimpse into an artistic mind.

I’ll show you the “behind the scene” of artwork creation, of chaos and structure, of joy and creation. I’ll do my best to create a place where also you can escape, into a world that is filled with dreams, curiosity and colors. A place where we all can be a little crazy. Together.

It fills my heart with joy to be on this journey.

And I hope you will join, and fill your heart, too.

Want to know more about who I am?

Sure – I’ll give you the highlights (you can find more here).


I’m from Norway and currently live in Oslo.

I lived in California a few years, I travel a lot, and consider myself a world-citizen.


I am K. is short for I am OK.

That’s why I hope you are K., too!

I love to dance, and can’t live without music.

I paint music and motion. I explain it here.(link to xxx)

My favorite place in this world is Ibiza. (Yes, the mediterrain island)

And believe me, it’s not because of the foam-parties. It’s because of everything else. The energy. The people who live there. The happiness I feel when I’m there. .

I work both as a professional artist and as a business owner.

I am co-founder and partner at Brainwells where we work internationally with ambitious leaders and their teams.

I was really stuck for some years.

I did not know how to handle the need for using both my creative and logical part of my brain. I got sick and depressed. Very. I’m grateful for that now. You can read more about this in the blogpost blogpost.

And - I LOVE freeride skiing.

It’s like dancing down the mountains. But I didn’t discover the amazing off-piste world until I was 40 years old. It’s never to late.


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Let the fun begin!